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Before sending an email please note we do not book through email. Please read the Policies page and book online.

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At Faith In Curls, we exclusively service naturally curly hair. Please READ CAREFULLY all of the  *NEW policies and terms below before booking an appointment.

Booking An Appointment

  • Starting in 2019 we will book out only 60 days (two months) at a time. That means if the current date is Feb 20th the latest you can book for is April 20th. If you desire to book for any months after then you will need to wait until it falls inside the two month time frame. Because Faith in Curls is a niche studio and offers a skill that is not widely available there is a high demand for Jarely's services we understand your frustrations when it comes to wanting to get into the online studio scheduler. The best way to book an appointment is to continuously visit the online scheduler, regularly. The best time to check for last minute openings is on Mondays/Tuesdays.

  • A credit card will be required to secure all appointments. It does not get charged when you reserve your appointment. However we prefer CASH payments to avoid fees on the day of the appointment. If you pay with a credit card there is a convenience fee of 3.5% (If the service is $120, the cc fee would be $4.20). You can also pay using Zelle, Cash App, or Venmo.

  • We pre-qualify all Kids Curly Haircut services, please email us at faithincurls@gmail.com with photos of the child's hair that you wish to have serviced. PLEASE READ the description under the services page for this service. Its for kids 7 and under and they must be cooperative. All children under the age of 7 must be accompanied by an adult not receiving a service unless consent is given by email prior to the appointment.


  • If you arrive to your appointment with your hair in a bun, clip or anything other than a wash n go then you will be charged an additional $30 in order to restyle.

  • We do not do short buzzed haircuts, if you wish to cut your hair or chop it off to be shorter than 4 inches then we suggest seeing a barber. You can always email us at faithincurls@gmail.com with your desired haircut goal and we can let you know if its something we can do.

  • Jarely no longer does color services due to health issues.

  • When booking an appointment through Square select YES for email notifications! That is how you will be informed of the Hair Preparation instructions! You will receive a confirmation email within two weeks of your scheduled appointment, in that email there is detailed instructions on how to prepare your hair. You will also receive a 72-Hour REMINDER email/text! No action is required if you plan to be at your appointment. However if you need to cancel you must do it 72 hours before (3 days before) your appointment or you will be charged for the full service. 

* Our prices are subject to change without notice*

  • The curly cuts we offer are NOT meant to be worn straight. Our clientele is 100% committed to wearing their hair naturally curly. If you aren't ready to commit to wearing your hair curly and you still straighten even occasionally our services are NOT FIT FOR YOU. In other words you will not qualify for our services if you have active plans to straighten or blow dry your hair. Our curly cuts are customized for YOUR crown of glory. If you didn't know already all of the curls on our heads are NOT created equal it wouldn't make sense to straighten it and expect your hair look good. Same with getting your haircut straight and expecting it to look good curly! It doesn't transfer-- AGAIN these cuts are CURLY HAIRCUTS they're not meant to be worn straight. If you do commit to wearing your hair curly we will give you the best cut and salon experience of your life!


If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment we ask that you do so 72 hours before your appointment time. If an appointment is not cancelled 72 hours before the appointment time you will be charged a fee. Please do not cancel via Facebook Messenger or after salon business hours. 

If you no show, you will be charged for the full service and unfortunately no longer welcome as a guest at Faith in Curls. Please cancel your appointment in due time. You will receive an EMAIL reminder 72 hours before your appointment this is your time to cancel. And you will receive a TEXT reminder the day before your appointment. PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE THESE REMINDERS. The easiest way to cancel or reschedule your appointment is by logging on to your online booking account (or email us at faithincurls@gmail.com)

Due to the high demand we cannot answer the phone at this time, please send an email if you need to cancel.

Arriving Late to your appointment will cut into the service time you have with our stylist based on the time your appointment is scheduled for.



ALL clients must come with their hair in workable condition. Please come in with your hair properly prepped for your appointment. To receive a proper curly cut we need to see what's going on with your hair on a daily basis. We want to see the buffet of curl types, heat damage, the stubborn pieces, etc. The same obstacles you deal with will give us more information of what it is you struggle with maintaining your curls at home. These obstacles are vital for us to assess and evaluate what will be the perfect solution to customize your appointment. Not doing so can result in declining your service and fees do apply. Please be sure to style your hair with products. Do not come with your hair in a frizzy, dry and productless condition. You will receive a confirmation email of your scheduled appointment, at the bottom of the email under special instructions you will see a detailed explanation of how to prepare your hair. 

  • Tangled, knotted hair requires more time and attention.

  • Excessively  WET OR DAMP hair also requires more time and attention that take time away from your service time.

There will be an additional $10.00 Service Fee for an pre-drying and detangling services required. YOU CAN AND WILL BE CHARGED IF YOU SHOW UP WITH YOUR HAIR NOT IN THE MANNER FOR US TO CUT IT.

Click here to watch the Hair Preparation Video 

Below are photos of how NOT to come with your hair that is, in a bun, hair tie, clip, twist out, or brushed out.





  • If you have hair that has been damaged due to relaxer, texturizer, keratin treatment, color, heat, extensions, braids  or neglect. You must transition for atleast 9-12 months with no manipulation before qualifying for a service. Unfortunately we cannot repair damage, you must cut it off. Which is why we suggest transition for atleast a year before coming in. Please be patient and understand that it can takes time to reach your hair goals. And checkout youtube for “Transitioning to curly hair” videos and you’ll find multiple testimonials.

  • Hydration treatments are intended as a luxury for hair that is either already healthy or has experience minimal trauma such as going to the beach, winter dryness, etc. NOT to repair severely damage hair from chemical treatments like relaxers, texturizers, keratin treatments, color, heat, extensions, or braids.


We do not accept opened or used products. All services are non-refundable if you have an issue with your service please follow the instructions below and we'd be happy to try and solve any issues you may have.


We guarantee the satisfaction of all of our customers. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with a service you receive at Faith in Curls, please let us know within 72 hours of your service and we would be happy to schedule an appointment to remedy any problems you may be having with your cut.  We do not issue refunds.