Founder & Curly Hair Specialist

"As a curly girl I understand the struggles many of us have gone through growing up with unmanageable "frizzy" curly hair, and not to mention horrible experiences at the beauty salon. For that reason I've been determined to master the craft of all types of curls and offer an unforgettable experience where clients are encouraged to embrace their natural hair and feel like their curls are understood."

" - Jarely Jones 

At Faith in Curls, Jarely offers uniquely crafted haircuts for naturally curly hair. She does not define her style of cutting as 'Devacut'. Her method of cutting has ventured far beyond the introductory methods. She primarily cuts curly hair dry, but sometimes wet cutting is necessary. In the salon experience you can expect to receive a thorough consultation, custom curly haircut catered to your desired look and styled natural curls. We take pride in not only offering custom curly haircuts according to what YOU want but also in educating curly gals and guys on how to properly style and care for the hair. Right now, Jarely only offers curly haircuts and no longer does color due to health issues. 

As you may know curly hair has many subcategories, at Faith in Curls, we are currently accepting textures:  WAVY, CURLY, COILY AND TIGHTLY COILED curl types. We book appointments based on the kind of curls you have so that we may allot the proper amount of time necessary for your curls. We do curls all day for many years so we have become very familiar with how long the service takes. 

If you are unsure about your curl type please checkout the “Curl Types” tab to identify which category you fall into before booking.

If this is our first time hearing about a curly hair salon and your unsure about coming in. We have step by step online styling videos if you're interested in learning how to properly style curly hair. You can find them here

Meet My Curl Partner

Destinie Rondon

    In 2018 Destinie joined Faith in Curls as an apprentice under Jarely where she learned many of the fundamentals of doing curly hair. She has diligently been mastering her curly hair artistry since then. Destinie has her own cozy office at Faith in Curls salon where she offers a unique style of cutting and color for naturally curly clients~ ranging from wavy to curly! While Destinie & Jarely partner at Faith in Curls to service curly clientele keep in mind each of their style is different. If you're interested in viewing Destinie's portfolio and booking with her please checkout her website below!


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    Business Type: Salon located in a plaza

    Payment Methods Accepted:

    Credit cards, Zelle, Cash app, Venmo

    Parking Fees: FREE parking

    Wifi Internet Access: Available

    Spoken Languages: English, Some Spanish

    Kid Friendly?: Must be accompanied by an adult