Got Questions?

Trying to decide on a first-time hair service? We created this FAQ to answer all your questions!

If you are unsure on which service is fit for you, checkout the questions and answers below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We are located at 366 East Graves Ave Suite C ,Orange City, FL 32763 You will see the salon name Faith in Curls on a sign directory in the entrance of the plaza. Please note that we do not accept walk-ins, and we book strictly by appointment only. That means pleae do not show up to the salon to ask any questions about your hair. Please book for a consulation. We appreciate your understanding!

Where can I view your work?

You can view the majority of our work on Instagram @faithincurls, on our Facebook page @FaithInCurls, or in the gallery tab on the website at

What is your availability?

You can view Jarely's availability on the online scheduler under the Book Online tab.

How do I book an appointment?

Appointments can only be booked online at Sometimes, we get openings, but they are first come first served. We only accept booking requests two months at a time! That means, if today is May 15th the latest you can book an appointment is July 15th. Dates open weekly! Check in online at the beginning of each week for more openings.

What can I expect from an appointment?

You can expect to be changed forever (in a great way)! During your appointment, you will receive one-on-one consultation prior to your service. During this time, we will thoroughly discuss your wants, needs, and goals for your hair. Everthing done during the appointment is personalized - from the cut, to the product styling, to the recommendations. It's all different according to the uniqueness of your curls! You will be educated on how to maintain your hair at home, which is the most important tool you'll walk away with! After every session, we go through a personalized product regimen and prescription of curl-cocktail for at home curls! At Faith In Curls, we want your curls to look great in and out of the salon!

How do I prepare my hair for the appointment?

After your appointment is booked, you will receive an email confirmation regarding your acceptance. In that email you will receive a detailed email on how to prepare your hair, as well as a video explanation. If you have not received this email, your appointment may not have been properly booked, or the email may have gone into your junk mail. Do not show up to the appointment unless youve recieved a reminder email 24 hrs before. HERE ARE THE INSTRUCTIONS: Please make sure your hair is down, dry, detangled in a wash-and-go state (with product is fine). If you don't know how to style your hair as a "wash-and-go", please search on YouTube for a tutorial so that you can try your best, as this is a crucial part of the service. Dry cuts are performed first. If your hair is up (ie. in a bun or ponytail), the appointment will last longer, therefore you will be charged more for the longer service.

How often do I need to come back after my first appointment?

On average, we recommend trimming every 4-6 months. You're welcome and encouraged to come in as often as you'd like for treatments in between your trims.

I'm trying to book online for a service but it isn't allowing me to, even though it says that there's a slot available?

The scheduler allows booking depending on how long the service will be. For instance, if theres's a 1 hour slot for Saturday and a 3c-4b client is trying to book it, it will not work because that kind of service takes 1.5 hours. If it is not allowing you to book, please chose another day and/or time.

Can I come in for a consultation first?

Yes, our consultations are 10 min. However, there is no time after the consulation to perform your service, as the consulation only allots 10 minutes for the service. You would have to book a separate appointment for another time.

I don't know what my curl type is?

Please click in the Identify Your Curl Type on the website to help you identify your curl type. If you're unable to identify your curl type because your hair is damaged, we will not be able to service you. We do not repair damaged hair. If you selected the wrong curl type service, we can make correction the day of the appointment and there may be a time difference.

I don't know what to book for?

The most popular service we perform is the Curly Haircut service according to your curl type. Or you can book for a consulation and ask for professional advice on where to start.

How long are the services?

The breakdown for the service times are under the service descriptions on the website. They are accurate, as long as you come with your hair properly prepared (see instructions above on how to prepare your hair for the appointment).

If I just want a trim, is that the same as a haircut?

Yes, it is the same. The same personalized cutting technique is used for a haircut and trim. First-time clients must do the full curly haircut service.

I don't know if I need a big chop or a curly haircut?

The big chop service is for those who intend to cut off all damage leaving your hair above the ears. If your unsure if you qualify for a big chop service please email us first at with photos of your hair and your goals.

Do you do any other styles besides a wash-and-go?

No, we only do wash-and-go's. We do not do twist outs, braid outs, "protective" styles, braids, blowouts, or flat ironing.

Are the curly haircuts transferable to straight hair?

No, the cuts are not transferable. If you straighten your hair unfortunately, you cannot qualify to get your hair serviced at Faith In Curls. As curly hair specialists, we advise our clients to commit to wearing your hair naturally curly 100% of the time.

Do you repair damaged curly hair?

No, we do not repair heat damaged, color damaged, or chemically damaged hair. If you have damage, you will need to transition first. In order to repair damaged hair and make it curly again you must first transition by growing it out for atleast a year. Transitioning means no flat ironing, blow drying or causing any manipulation to your hair that would further damage the hair growing in. You can find more information about transitioning to natural on YouTube.

Do you do chemical services to make hair straight or curly?

No, we do not do perms, relaxers, keratins, brazilian blowouts or flat ironing.

How young do you take clients?

We do service curly kids. You must be pre-qualified first and we will book you personally. We will give you pricing via email as well. Please email us at with a PICTURE of the child or childrens hair wanting to be serviced.

Do you offer color services?

No, we no longer offer color services.

I am unsure if I should big chop or transition?

We highly suggest researching on Youtube "things to know before you big chop" or "how to transition to naturally curly". In order to be serviced with us, we require cutting off all damaged hair. If you aren't prepared to chop all damaged hair, then you should continue transitioning until you're ready to embrance your beautiful crls completely. Short and healthy is way better than long and damaged! We only do wash-and-go's, so if you still have damage, you must be prepared to cut it off as we want to get your curls to be beautifully defined.

I want to bring in my counsins/friends' mom's sister with me to get their hair done too?

You must inquire at time of booking if there is sufficient time for others.

Why do you need my card on file?

Your card is required to secure your appointment. You will receive text and email reminders of your upcoming appointment, and you must confirm through the email 3 days prior to your appointment. You may cancel or reschedule before 48 hours of your appointment and receive a refund. Thank you for understanding.

What makes Jarely different from other stylists?

First, we are ALL curly girls, so we understand the many struggles, frustrations, and anxiety faced when putting our precious curls into the hands of a person with scissors! Our goal is to bring a new approach to the way we've always experienced salon vists. We try my best to deliver honest personalized conversation, consulation, and hair service. We carefully craft your unique curls while dry accordingly to how they lay observing where they live cutting curl by curl. We intend to give you the best curly haircut experience of your life.

I still have questions about my hair that I need you to see?

Book online for a consulation so that you can come in and ask any questions you have. This service doesnt include the full hair service. Please visit the website and select the booking tab. We hope this helps answer your questions and makes the booking process easier. Thank you and we look forward to servicing you! Blessings, Jarely

Do I qualify for your services?

If your hair is in a compromised state then you may not qualify for our services. Please checkout the POLICIES tab first to read over our pre-qualifications. If your hair is in a questionable state then please email us first at with photos of your hair so that you dont waste your time booking an appointment.

Do you offer online consulations for those out of state?

Yes! Please email us at

I've been trying to book an appointment but it's all greyed out, is this accurate?

Yes, right now Jarely is opening up appointments almost weekly due to unforseen circumstances in her family. There may be wait times as the calendar continues to roll out every 60 days from current date. But dont fret! We get openings all the time. Keep an eye out, and we are positive you will find a spot open just for you.

Is there a waiting list or could you contact me when an apointment becomes available?

At this time the studio's time is in high demand and we cannot physically keep up with requests for each person who wants to get in on the books. We understand how frustrating this can be as we are sure you need a haircut asap! But please know we've made it very easy for you to see our live calendar at the touch of your fingertips located in our Salon Services page.

How long will I be at the salon?

60-90 min for full service, 15 min for dry cut service, and 45-60 min for wash n styling only.

Do you work past 4pm on the weekdays?

No. Sometimes you may find a later appointment depending on the season of year.

Do you work weekends?

Unfortunately no

Do you have any appointments for the summer of 2020?

No, Jarely will only be working one day a week during some weeks in the summer and traveling for work. She may be back to work in August~Lord willing.

Does anyone else work at the salon?

Yes! Jarely has a curl partner who works alongside but independently at Faith in Curls. Destinie offers her own style so please be sure to checkout her portfolio at and contact her via her website